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Professor Sabu Thomas is the first Doctor Honoris Causa of the LIMATB

The 4th of March 2015, the professor Sabu Thomas was given the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of South Brittany. Pr. Sabu Thomas, now 54, is a doctor in Engineer Science and researcher in material science. He is the director of the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala in India.

His main areas of research are mixing of polymers, separation and transition of phases, development of high performance nanocomposites, chemical modification of polymers as well as charged composites and polymers.

Pr. Sabu Thomas is well known at an international scale and his work represents an important contribution to science. He was able to develop original researches in a part of India rich in natural resources, and to take advantage of it. For instance, Pr. Sabu Thomas promoted the potential of natural elastomers and their mixings, vegetal fibers and mineral resources. The sum of his productions in science is rather exceptional: 622 articles published in scientific journals and an h-index of 69. 

Professor Sabu Thomas also contributed to the recognition of the Mahatma Gandhi University, by organizing 40 international conferences there. Through his international collaborations, he was able to send over 60 Indian students abroad in prestigious laboratories as part of their thesis. They are currently researchers in India or abroad.

Here are a few highlights of his career and work:

  • Prizes and awards 

Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, United Kingdom

National prize of Sukumar Maithy of best researcher in Polymer, 2007
5th most productive researcher in India, ranked by the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development in New Delhi, India, 2008

Prize of professorial excellence, Josef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, 2010 

  • Indicators (from Google Scholars)

Number of publications: 622

Number of quotations: 18 765

Number of patents: 4

Books: 45

PhD student supervisions: 64

  • International relationships 

For many years, the professor Sabu Thomas has entertained close relationships with the LIMATB from the Université de Bretagne Sud (UBS). In 2005, he was invited for the first time at the LIMATB, and since then a stable relationship has been established. Indeed Pr. Sabu Thomas has supervised 10 PhD students in collaboration with the UBS, which has produced 4 books and 35 international publications. Those collaborations are precious to the UBS and LIMATB because they contribute to the international recognition of the scientific research led in Brittany.



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