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Research at the LIMATB

The design of new materials and the knowledge related to materials behaviours during their elaboration, utilisation – both under normal and extraordinary conditions – require an understanding of several phenomena and the ability to model them. Researches at LIMATB are dedicated to new approaches combining competences from different fields of physics, such as :
  • spectroscopy
  • rheology
  • thermal engineering
  • mechanics
The researches use multi-scale methods combining time and space.

In today’s world, it is also essential to take into account the environmental impacts of the production of materials at every stage of the process. In line with modern challenges, the LIMATB tries to elaborate and transform materials in a way that is most respectful to the environment.

The project of the LIMATB is to combine the effectiveness of industrial and technological development with concerns about its sustainability. The laboratory pays particular attention to the eco-friendly design of materials, energy savings in production processes and in utilisation and to the improvement of numerical simulation methods, for instance forming processes, behaviours under severe loadings and energetic processes. More precisely, the laboratory strives to develop researches related to recyclability of used materials, bio-inspired materials, new materials, including polymers, composites, concretes, etc. and the forming and then durability of those materials under different circumstances.

The LIMATB also posseses high-standart scientific equipment. To see more details, click here.


5 sites dedicated to research

The different areas of research are divided into several sites, all located in Brittany.

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